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It has three layers to covey:

  • Greater strength
  • Greater durability
  • Greater flow captivity

Pipe making
Coestherm HEXA multilayer pipe PP-RCT made in Italy, DN × thickness, PN20 SDR 7,4 reference DIN, date of manufacture.

100% recyclability
Unlike products treated with Minerals fibers, coestherm HEXA Multilayer pipe is completely Recyclable for its original use.

+20% Greater flow captivity
Coestherm HEXA multilayer pipe allows a 20% reduction of the thickness of the walls, enabling installation of pipes with a smaller diameter but the same flow captivity, in comparison to traditional PP-R pipe.
Economic advantage:
On the cost of pipes
Possibility to install smaller diameter
(up to 30% economic saving).
About 15% less pipe expansion.